Show & Tell

My watch and clock are cased and officially on display.


The second-years are graduating, and the school's board of trustees is in town to see them off and to check in on our progress. Time to show off what we've done.  



Besides the clock, I've also cased up my watch. The ETA 6497 is a pocket watch movement, so I put it in an appropriate enclosure. The movement is too big for my wrists anyway! 



The case conveniently has a display back to show off the finishing that drove me so close to madness as well.  

My benchmate Justin allowed me to use a bell jar of his to show off the pocket watch, which actually presented an interesting physics problem. The balance wheel has enough off-center impulse to oscillate the entire watch inside the jar, completely robbing the movement of its amplitude. 

I still plan to continue work on both the clock and watch, but for now they are finished. On to new and exciting things! 

Watchmaking student at the Lititz Watch Technicum, formerly a radio and TV newswriter in Chicago.