7750: Chronograph mechanism

7750: Chronograph mechanism

The most common intricate complication that a watchmaker is likely to see in the field is a chronograph. We're starting on that more than a year early.

A chronograph is basically a stopwatch that's added to a watch movement. Some have modules that piggyback on the timekeeping elements, but the 7750's chronograph is integrated into the original design.

I happened to be fairly quick at getting my 7750 reassembled, so my instructor told me to look at the chronograph parts in my box and see if I could put them together.


I admit, it took a couple of hints, but I was able to get it assembled without instructions. The key to figuring out a puzzle like this is the parts themselves—if a part moves, it will fit perfectly into a pivot, and if something interfaces with it, there will be a space for them to interact. In this way, it's like a 3D puzzle.

My chronograph didn't work the first time (there are three things wrong with it in the picture), but it's close! We'll be learning the proper way to assemble it in the near future.

Please excuse the grossness of my movement, as well. It hasn't been cleaned since I don't know when, but we'll get to that soon!


Watchmaking student at the Lititz Watch Technicum, formerly a radio and TV newswriter in Chicago.