Hairsprings: Rolex

Hairsprings: Rolex

Our watchmaking program is underwritten by Rolex, but the company gives the school wide latitude when it comes to our education. Still, since we work in their building, we abide by their rules, and we're able to access their massive parts catalog.

Since I was able to progress quickly through our classes on hairspring vibration, I'm starting to work on a Rolex balance wheel. If I can get this wheel assembled without any damage, it can go into our capstone project!

When I say no damage, I mean no damage.

That means no scratches, no nicks, no dents and NO SCRATCHES.

The hairspring for this balance is even thinner than the one we learned on, so it's easier to bend, but also easier to break. This project usually faces students at the end of their curriculum—not the 10th week of their schooling—so it's incredibly delicate. Fingers crossed that it goes well.

Watchmaking student at the Lititz Watch Technicum, formerly a radio and TV newswriter in Chicago.