Big & Little

Here are two of the watches I worked on during our real-life repair segment. Yes, one is barely bigger than the ratchet wheel of the other.

The Elgin has a new mainspring, and is almost ready to get cased up and finished. That will be its own topic later.

The Omega is a ladies movement, similar to the Tudor that we serviced back in November, only slightly more complicated; this one is an automatic!

Obligatory thumbnail shot for scale.

Obligatory thumbnail shot for scale.

It's an Omega 661 out of a 1960s "Ladymatic," and by some accounts is the smallest industrially-manufactured automatic movement (by physical volume) ever made.

Our task is simply to disassemble, service and reassemble the movement... Without losing or breaking any tiny parts. That's harder than it may seem. The screw heads are barely 0.80mm across—less than half the width of the screws on our 6497!

It'll be back together and ticking in no time. All a part of the day in the life of a watchmaker!

Watchmaking student at the Lititz Watch Technicum, formerly a radio and TV newswriter in Chicago.